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Let’s be honest: you’ve seen that there’s a list of things in the title of this article, your brain is now probably going haywire and you’re going to skip this boring introduction and get straight to the point. I don’t blame ya. But the following paragraph is for you, the 0.01%, the rebels, the misfits, the crazy ones who will actually go through the entire article and maybe even leave a comment.

(Does Sir David Attenborough’s voice)

For centuries mankind has been on a never-ending quest for happiness. From Buddha’s “Happiness is the path” to Nietzsche’s “Happiness is the feeling…


If your heart is beating and you need food to survive, it’s extremely likely that this crazy pandemic forced you to participate in at least one video call. As companies are adjusting their infrastructures in order to accommodate more and more remote work and products such as Zoom have seen a 2900% growth in their daily active users in just 4 months, it’s clear that video calls will become an increasingly important part of virtually everyone’s life.

Welcome to part 2 of the WebRTC demystified series. In this article we’ll be building a simple video chat app from scratch using Angular and PeerJS, a JavaScript WebRTC wrapper library. If right now you’re sweating and panicking because you don’t know what WebRTC is, first of all calm down, secondly go check out part 1 of this series and I’ll meet ya back here 😎

This is what we’ll be building today:

You can find a working demo here and the GitHub repo here. Are you psyched? If you are, let’s get this party started 🚀


  1. Basic knowledge of…

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